Saturday, December 31, 2016

10 favorite things

1. TURPENOID NATURAL: I couldn't do without this brush cleaner. I'm not great at cleaning my brushes regularly but all I have to do is put disgusting and hard brushes to soak and then wash up with soap and water.
2. ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL: Another cleaning trick that helps keep the studio a little nicer. I keep a spray bottle of the stuff handy for cleaning the palette and anything else that needs it such as the phone, garbage can and even the wood floor.
3. LAVA SOAP: This is my go-to soap in the studio - great for hands, brushes and getting paint out of clothes.
4. VIEW TO THE NORTH FROM STUDIO: I think I can see Canada from the studio.
5. WIND-UP TOYS: These usually live on the model stand where they have lots of room to move around.
6. BOB THE BEAR: Bob guards the entrance to my studio - a mascot I inherited from my artist friend Sheila Rieman.
7. SUMMER NIGHTS ON THE LAKE: I can see part of the lake from my studio (along with Canada) but there is nothing better than watching the sunset from the boat.
8. CABINET FOR PAINT TUBES: I found this in a California equestrian center gift shop while teaching a workshop for Disney Imagineering. The drawers are a perfect size for holding paint tubes.
9. MOTION SENSOR GARBAGE CAN: All I have to do is get my hand near this thing and it opens automatically. Life is good.
10. NUTCRACKER & PAINT TUBE WRINGER: The nutcracker is perfect for opening a tube lid that's stuck and the wringer has been keeping my paint tubes under control for more years than I care to count.

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